Who am I ?

Who am I?

My name is Frank Jensen. I was born in 1949 in Copenhagen ... mother Swedish and father Danish/German.

Career profile:

I joined the Danish Police in 1972. When I was a young CID officer, I worked undercover infiltrading drug gangs.

In 1981 I joined the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and became a specialist in counter espionage (KGB) and later head of PET´s Counter Terrorism Department and the Counter Espionage Department.

In the years 1995 - 2007 I was head of the following police units:

the Forensic Science Service, the Serious Crime Squad, Missing Persons Department and the Criminal Intelligence Service.

In this period I introduced criminal profiles in Denmark and established the Criminal Offender Profiling Unit.

In 2004 -2005 I was head of the Danish operations after the Zunami in southeast Asia (Thailand)

From 2007 - 2012 I had the position as Commander and head of all operations in the PET (The Danish Security and Intelligence Service)

I have been given a Knighthood by H.M. the Queen -

Ridder1 af Dannebrog (First Knight of the Dannebrog). Dannebrog is the Danish flag.

I retired from the police (and the intelligence work) in 2012.

New career:

I am now  working as an author, TV  and movie consultant in my capacity as intelligence expert.

I give lectures about the secret service and the threats from terrorism, extremism and espionage.

Authorship - my novels:

My novels are currently not available in english, but I have

translated the titles to english.

Organisationen (1984  - publisher Gyldendal)

"The Organization" - Crime, drugs

Som et blik fra helvede (2014 - publisher Peoples Press)

"As a glimpse from hell" - spy thriller, terrorism

Syrienkrigeren (2017 - publisher Mellemgaard)

"The Syrian warrior" - spy thriller, terrorism

Muldvarpen (2017 - publisher Mellemgaard)

"The mole" - spy thriller, terrorism

Ondskabens Arv (2018 - publisher Mellemgaard)

"The inheritance of evil" - spy thriller, neo nazis

Min far var spion (2019) - publisher Peoples Press)

"My father was a spy" - biography - family chronicle -

Den russiske kodemand (2023) publisher Byens Forlag

"The russian codeclark" - spy thriller.

Sold to the film company, SF-Studios, before publication

Spion i Blodet (2023) publisher People´s

"Spy in the blood" - biography. My life in the world of spies

Author as a young CID

officer in the Drug Squad

Head of the Danish operations i southeast Asia (Thailand) after the Zunami in 2004.

First Knight of the Dannebrog